it has been a long time

I feel like it has been a long time since I have written here.

Let me just start off with saying that life has blessed me with the two most beautiful and hysterical girls in the world. My babies are my world.

They are getting big, they are becoming their own little selves. And with that being said, this whole new world hold different difficulties of their own. Being a parent; it does not come with an instruction manual sadly.

Along with being a mother, I have internally dealt with a lot. My eyes have been opened to what my reality is. And quite frankly, I am renewing myself, my way of thinking. I am done with trying to please people. Trying to seek people out. Done.

This will all be explained further in future posts, maybe. Nonetheless, I hold to have n interesting post for you soon.

Freezer meals. Just a thought

So I have been struggling with spending time with my kids. And honestly I spend a lot of my time prepping dinners instead of them. So I looked into freezer meals that get prepped in advance. When I’m ready I thaw it out and place it in the crockpot.

I just prepped 14 meals. So let’s see how it goes!!!! I will follow up in two weeks!

Oily Hair!

So most recently I have grown frustrated with my hair! I would go days without shampooing and using conditioner. Instead I would just rinse my hair out with water every day hoping to keep the oil from building up. No such luck! And to add insult to injury, clumps of hair was falling out. However I knew why this was happening. The luscious hair I once had during pregnancy (because my body was loaded with hormones that gave me awesome hair) has begun filtering themselves out of my system.

So what do I do? I began thinking. What.. can I do that is natural, cheap and will get rid of the oily hair?? Heres what I came up with!

I researched organic recipes to do at home. Eggs was a major component in most of them. Eggs work on your hair to remove oil and also condition your hair. Back in history this was a natural remedy to treat excess oil and grease in the hair. Beat one (or two eggs as per your need) and mix well with baking soda (until it becomes thick in consistency). Apply this hair mask on your hair and leave it there for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it off thoroughly  with cool water to avoid cooking the egg. Try this home remedy two or three times a week to get rid of grease and oil from your hair.

I tried it last night for the first time and literally the mask sat heavy on my head. I worked it into my scalp and thru my hair from scalp to tip. As I bathed myself, I let it sit in my hair. After about ten minutes, I rinsed my hair. No shampoo, no conditioner!

After my hair dried, god did it feel amazing! Thick and felt full of life!

Try this remedy and you won’t be disappointed!

Keeping myself busy!

So today I began a Facebook page for what I hope to be my own bakery. I make custom cheesecake and really enjoy making new cheesecakes. Experimentation in that department is therapeutic! Everyone’s told me to open up shop and I never did until today! So now I hope to get orders in to make cheesecakes!!!!

And!!! I found a recipe to make all natural bars of soap and sell them. So I’m hoping to see who would be interested in purchasing them if I go down that route so I know how much to invest into that whole project! 

If  you or anyone you know would be interested in all natural moisturizing soap bars let me know. I’d love to get my soaps out there!

Save money – DIY laundry detergent!

In a 5 gallon bucket that you can get from Lowe’s or Home Depot, add the following ingredients:

whole box (4 pounds) of borax

whole box (3 pounds) of WASHING soda

 whole box (4 pounds) of BAKING soda

two bars of grated Zote soap (I use the pink). I grate my soap on the smallest size so it dissolves better in the wash. 

You can stop right there for a cost saving detergent. You can also add two boxes of Purex stain fighter+bright booster and a whole bottle (18 ounces) of Purex scent crystals. 

This recipe will fill half of a 5 gallon bucket and will lasts months and costs no more than $25 to make. 

Hope you give it a try! Leave comments to let me know about any changes or how well it worked for you!!!!

Tips on how to declutter the clutter

In the past few months a lot has changed for my family. We welcomed our second little girl to our already tiny two bedroom apartment. Things were cluttered and cramped! Every day I made a mental note of how I am going to open up space. And this is what I did and hope it helps you!

Clothes Purge
I attacked my dresser, the closet, and our attic. I saw I was literally hoarding clothes, hats, shoes, scarves, worn out socks with holes, socks i never used ect. It was insane the amount of clothes I had that I never used. I took a moment to grab a trash bag and any clothes I stumbled upon that I had no idea I possessed, went in the bag. Next, I looked at the closet. There was no need to own 10 hoodies, 10 zippers sweaters, 10 pullovers and 3 coats. Although all these items are all equally important, that quantity is excessive. So I downsized. Anything I have no worn in that last 6 months went into the bag. I used the same reasoning for the clothes in my dresser. I then took the bag of clothes and shoes and donated it!

Utilize sites to sell your items
Having my two kids there’s a lot of stuff you buy and use to later outgrow them. And being a mom, I cannot stand to have to throw away something that is perfect in condition but no longer need. So for that, I use sites such as the LETGO app and the marketplace on facebook to take photos of my items, describe them and set a dollar amount. Once your item posts, facebook users contact you to buy your item. It has been great because I have gotten rid of a lot of things within the house already and continue to do so 🙂

Since we have downsized I feel like our tiny apartment is a bit more roomy! It is actually glorious. We are not trying to move around the clutter. THERE IS NO MORE CLUTTER! I feel so much more at ease now that most things are gone!

Happy decluttering!

Another interesting read: “What’s going on inside a toddlers brain, according to science”

Came across this post which was fitting. Sometime I find myself getting frustrated because both the kids are crying. Sometimes I like to think that Charlotte (my oldest) can understand me. I mean some days she’s great at listening to me and others she looks at me like I have ten heads. 

Reading this article put everything into perspective even though I knew that her tiny little brain is still growing each and every day. I still needed to read it … and see it in black and white. 

Enjoy this read

Great read!

I ended up reading this post a friend shared on Facebook. This article brought me to tear. It was just so real and so deep that I could relate. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing horribly as I’m sure others have felt like that at some point. But then I see my children and hear their laughter and see their curiosity as they explore the world around them and then I say: I must be doing something right!

Anyway here’s the article

Diaper Rashes and creams

**Recipes and links at the end of the post**

So, at first when I was a new mom and experienced my daughter’s first diaper rash–I nearly lost my mind. Her poor sensitive bum was so raw and red that my heart broke for her! She cried so much that as frustrating as it was (because I couldn’t make it better for her) I cried with her. So of course, I researched what miracle cream I can come up with to ease her pain. And here is what I found.

At first I was using A&D ointment. And although this is a great barrier to repel moisture it didn’t help her raw skin. So I moved to a cream with a high content of zinc oxide. Desitin makes one with 40% zinc oxide (the purple tube). This helped for a little bit, and then rash was gone.

A couple of days later, the rash would come right back. This time worse. So desperately I tried to seek another route. I ended up posting a question in a mom site and someone got back to me with a recipe called MAGIC BUTT CREAM. Which was amazing. With every diaper change I was using a wash cloth and warm water to wipe her bum (eliminating wipes during this time prevented the rash from getting worse) and after letting her bum air dry I would then apply a glob of the cream on her bum. Her raw, shiny bum had healed quite a bit with just a few diaper changes!!!

The magic butt cream worked well for a couple of weeks. But her diaper rash kept coming back and that no longer worked. So someone suggested using Resinol. Resinol, I was told was similar to the magic butt paste but it’s prescription strength and already premade for you. At this point, I did not want to spend more money but I was desperate. Charlotte was starting to hate getting her diaper changed because it hurt her so bad. So I searched high and low for this cream. Finally I found it on Amazon and ordered two tubs! The cream is wonderful! Now my house uses this as a go to every diaper change!

Along the way I also found that using LOW FAT YOGURT (yes yogurt!) when you first see the diaper rash helps! If the diaper rash is persistent (which a lot of the times it is with her), I will put yogurt in her diaper at bedtime, this way she isn’t sitting in a dirty diaper at night to further irritate her butt.



Lotrimin Anti Funagal cream
Desitin (40% Zinc Oxide)
1% Hydrocortisone Cream
Mylanta antiacid liquid

  • Empty contents of all creams into a mixing bowl
  • Add a little of the Mylanta to start. Mix ingredients together. Add more Mylanta until you get a paste like consistency. You do not want it to be goopy
  • Transfer mixture into a mason jar (you can buy them at walmart)


Resinol Cream can be purchased on Amazon

My friend reached out to me after posting this and her son suffered from sensitive skin. She said she used Peri-Derm Bum Paste and it worked like a charm. I have not personally used this product, however if you are searching for something you may want to check this out as well. 

Making your own wipes

Want to save money on making your own wipes? Here’s how you can!

You will need:

  • A large mason jar or container
  • Water
  • Coconut oil
  • White baby wash cloths (easier to distinguish stains)

Start off by boiling coconut oil. This will break it down so it’s a liquid. Once the coconut oil is liquified, remove from burner and set aside. Add water into your container. Pour the coconut oil into container. Add your wash cloths. 

Start using your homemade wipes!